SOLTEC offers a complete line of high-performance fluid-exchange equipment and automotive chemicals designed to maximize customer value and profits in your automotive preventive maintenance services.

Our “next generation” technology is already the product of choice for several national US chains.

About us

The SOLTEC brand was launched in 2008 and while the brand may be relatively new, our energy, commitment, and products are filled with advantages no other supplier in the industry can provide:

  • SOLTEC desires to handle all of your fluids business and develop a long-term business relationship.
  • SOLTEC is willing to improve your fluid business results or share in the consequences.
  • SOLTEC is willing to provide dedicated associates with the skill sets & experience to improve your results.
  • SOLTEC is flexible and willing to adapt to the needs of your business regardless of where we begin.
  • SOLTEC has key individuals with experience in all facets of your business to help develop and implement.
  • SOLTEC is the most cost effective supplier/partner to improve your sales and best fit to meet your needs.
  • SOLTEC will help you grow your business and improve your bottom line profits.
  • SOLTEC has much more to offer in technology, products, capabilities and experience than any other supplier to meet the needs of your business.

All SOLTEC Chemical Products have specially designed formulas to improve vehicle performance and address the maintenance needs of all vehicles both old and new.

SOLTEC has in-house chemists working diligently to keep pace with today’s ever changing needs and to ensure all Soltec products contain the highest level of quality in the industry and exceed our customer expectations.

The SOLTEC product line has been carefully selected to support all types of maintenance service providers/shops to provide value to their customers and profitability to the business.


SOLTEC fluid exchange equipment has been selected by the largest national accounts in the industry and are second to none in the industry.  SOLTEC equipment is manufactured for the technicians to perform services on vehicles effectively and efficiently.

SOLTEC equipment is built to last.  Our patented machines are modular in design, making servicing simple and minimizing costly downtime.